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The following informational blog series is presented by Nancy Smyth, CEO of the Rochester Presbyterian Home, a leading provider of Memory Care since 1992.

Today, thousands of American families are living with and caring for loved ones with memory loss making it progressively more difficult to provide a safe and supportive living environment. The series will address this situation, explain potential alternatives for care and help guide caregivers to make informed decisions regarding the long-term care of their loved one. We hope you find this information helpful while providing peace-of mind.

The Eden Alternative in Care Communities

Utilizing the Eden Alternative care model is one of the many reasons RPH is an excellent choice when trying to find a place for loved ones with progressive dementia who can no longer be cared for safely at home.

Part 1: Someone you love is living with dementia, what now?

Persons living with dementia experience changes in cognitive and functional abilities as the disease progresses. This varies from person to person depending on the type of dementia and the stage of the illness.

Part 2: Eligibility and Admission

Admission guidelines vary among assisted living providers based on the scope of services authorized by DOH. At the Rochester Presbyterian Home residences, we complete an in-person assessment to evaluate our ability to meet the needs of the individual.

Part 3: The Decision to Move Forward

You’ve made the decision to move your loved one to a residential care facility. But now, you wonder how the Elder will handle the transition.

Part 4: Creating a Successful Transition

Even with careful planning, extra attention and reassurance, the combination of dementia and a major life change can temporarily produce an even greater level of anxiety and agitation for new residents.

Part 5: Why RPH is truly unique

The Rochester Presbyterian Home has been serving Elders since 1925. Our founders believed it was our mission to provide “a safe and happy haven for persons in their sunset years.”