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Leading the Way in Memory Care

The Rochester Presbyterian Home has been serving Elders since 1925. Our founders believed it was our mission to provide “a safe and happy haven for persons in their sunset years.” Today, we continue that tradition at three Eden Alternative residences and have earned a reputation for excellence.

Our philosophy of care

We believe in the dignity and value of each individual and promote acceptance and respect for all people. Our residents are the Elders in our families. By virtue of their age and wisdom, we look to them to define lifestyles that are rewarding and homes that are truly home.

As Eden Alternative residences, we are committed to building “human habitats” that are full of life. Residents plant and tend our gardens and pursue useful roles within each home. We have adopted several pets and Elders may share a room with their animal companions. We welcome children and embrace each Elder’s family as our own.

Our three residences are organized into Eden families. The purpose of each family is to build relationships between Elders and their “partners in care.” We believe that caring relationships make life meaningful and assure that Elders and staff feel like they belong-like family.

Ultimately, our purpose is to reach each individual and assist him or her in leading a meaningful life with as much independence and freedom as possible. While we certainly accommodate the care needs of our Elders, we believe it is equally important to care for their human spirit.

As our founders intended, it is our mission to assure that the “sunset years” are fulfilling and we are committed to making each of our residences truly “safe and happy havens.”

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