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256 Thurston Road, Rochester, NY, United States

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Rochester Presbyterian Home
256 Thurston Rd.
Rochester, NY 14619
Direct line (585) 328-5950
Switchboard (585) 235-9100

Directions:  From 390 South take the NY-33A Chili Avenue exit.  Turn left on Chili Avenue and turn right at the light on Genesee Park Blvd.  Four streets down turn left on Marlborough to the end.  You will see Rochester Presbyterian Home directly across the street.  Pull into horseshoe parking lot to the front and utilize the free parking.  The main entrance lobby is in the taller building.  Please ring the doorbell to enter the secured building.

For Information on How to Join Our Family

We know that choosing a home for your loved ones is a difficult task. Let us help. Call or email Carrie Bardo, Program Administrator, (585) 235-9100 Ext. 126 for assistance.

For Information to Assist Eldercare Professionals

We are eager to assist you to find appropriate accommodations for your clients. We can be reached at any time, any day of the week; we work around the clock, just as you do. We promise you a quick response and professional assistance to help you meet your client’s needs.

Just contact [email protected], Administrator, by email, fax, or telephone.

Family Care Guides/Nursing

Name Ext. # Email Address
Team Leader – Kathy Wollschleger 208 [email protected]
North Hall – Jackie Gaines 104 [email protected]
South Hall 2nd Floor – Gail Wilson 103 [email protected]
South Hall 3rd Floor – Lisa Meinhard 205 [email protected]
South Hall 4th Floor – Latisha Jennings 105 [email protected]

Administrative Personnel

Name Ext. # Email Address
Program Administrator – Carrie Bardo 126 [email protected]
Case Manager – Kathy Wollschleger 208 [email protected]
Controller – Bonny Claxton 125 [email protected]
Development – Jean Graupman 109 [email protected]
Dietary & Facilities – Jerry Gullo 107 [email protected]
Human Resources – Sandra DeBell 110 [email protected]
Resident & Family Services – Rebecca Pontera 111 [email protected]

For Public Relations and Media Inquiries

We are very proud of our care and welcome your inquiries. We can add insight to stories dealing with:

  • Care for those with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia
  • Adult Homes
  • Volunteering/community networking
  • New trends in elder care
  • Eden Alternative

Nancy Smyth – Executive Director
Phone: (585) 235-9100 Ext. 102
Fax: (585) 235-1315
[email protected]

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