Our Residents

Assisted Living

The Assisted Living and Memory Care Residences at the Homestead

The North Hall, Guys and Dolls Family

Thirty-seven Elders live in our Assisted Living Residence, that we call North Hall. From the elegant dining room with its Oriental rug to the stately Victorian furnishings found throughout the residence, North Hall reflects the charm and character of historic Rochester.

Each Elder enjoys a private room with, in most cases, a private bath. We encourage residents to bring their own furnishings for their rooms, so they’ll immediately feel at home.

Elders and their relatives often gather in the country kitchens and sun porches or catch a show in our living room. You can also find them on our computers, surfing the web, Skyping, or sending emails to family and friends. They visit our beauty shop and browse in our Country Store for cards, gifts, toiletries, and sweets. And, of course, Don & Norma’s is the place for free ice cream cones, sundaes, and floats

Elders living in our North Hall assisted living residence are part of the Guys and Dolls Family, with more dolls than guys, even in the feline category. The family has adopted several cats and many fish. They enjoy caring for gardens that are viewable from their gathering room. They tend flowers year-round in the adjacent greenhouse. These residents are not experiencing memory loss but need assistance and support to maintain their health and independence while pursuing an active lifestyle.

Residents range in age from 64 to 98. Each brings a unique history that enriches the Guys and Dolls Family as well as our local community. Many of the Guys and Dolls do volunteer work and take part in Rochester’s numerous social and cultural events. Our intergenerational programs allow them to stay connected with all age groups. And we encourage our Elders to maintain vital affiliations with community groups and churches by hosting meetings right here at RPH.

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