Shahbaz (Elder Assistant) Job Description

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Broad Function

The primary purpose of this position is to provide individualized support, assistance and therapeutic program for each Elder to enable optimal functioning and preserve existing skills.

The Shahbaz (Elder Assistant) is responsible and accountable to insure the safety & well-being of assigned Elders. He/She supports the Elders in fulfilling daily living activities and engages the Elders in meaningful activity.

The Shahbaz (Elder Assistant) serves as a member of the residence team and is specially trained in the supportive care of persons with dementia.

Essential Functions

Administrative Functions

  1. Record all entries related to Elder care in an informative & descriptive manner in the communication log.
  2. Report all accidents & incidents observed in the shift that they occur.
  3. Use only authorized abbreviations established by this facility when recording information.
  4. Report all changes in Elder’s condition to the Nurse Case manager as soon as practical.

Admissions, Transfers, & Discharge Functions

  1. Ensure that the Elder’s room is ready for receiving the Elder.
  2. Greet and escort Elder to their room as requested.
  3. Introduce Elder to his/her neighbors and other personnel as appropriate.
  4. Make Elder comfortable; provide support, direction and reassurance.
  5. Assure that the Elder’s personal possessions are inventoried and labeled.
  6. Assist the Elder in unpacking and getting settled in their room.
  7. Assist Elders with packing their personal possessions in the event of discharge.

Personnel Functions

  1. Follow work assignments & schedules in completing & performing assigned tasks.
  2. Perform all assigned tasks in accordance with policy & procedures & as instructed by supervisor.
  3. Notify the facility when late or absent from work.
  4. Report all complaints & grievances.
  5. Cooperate with all staff to assure the needs of the Elders are met.
  6. Create and maintain an atmosphere of warmth, personal interest & positive emphasis as well as a calm environment throughout the residence.
  7. Meet with staff on a regularly scheduled basis to assist in identifying and correcting problems; improving services.

Personal Care Functions

  1. Employ a supportive approach to Elder care to ENABLE the Elder to function as independently as possible.
  2. Participate in and review 24-hour report upon reporting for duty.
  3. Supervise and assist as needed with daily dental & mouth care.
  4. Supervise and assist as needed with bathing functions.
  5. Supervise and assist as needed with dressing and undressing.
  6. Supervise and assist as needed with hair care and nail care.
  7. Supervise and assist as needed with shaving.
  8. Supervise and assist as needed with bowel and bladder functions.
  9. Insure Elders are clean, dry and well-groomed.
  10. Supervise and assist Elder in making bed and changing linen.
  11. Maintain intake and output records as instructed.
  12. Follow policy & procedures related to exposure to blood/body fluids.
  13. Escort Elders as needed to appointments & activities.
  14. Answer Elders calls promptly.
  15. Perform restorative & rehabilitative procedures as developed on wellness plan.
  16. Measure and record temperatures, pulse & respirations as instructed.
  17. Weigh and measure Elders as instructed.
  18. Provide post-mortem care as instructed.
  19. Employ daily Quality Assurance procedures to ensure Elder personal care needs are being met.
  20. Report concerns, progress to Nurse Case-manager.

Culinary Functions

  1. Facilitate a daily Elder meeting to determine the meals of the day.
  2. Engage Elder in food preparation roles as much as desired.
  3. Prepare and cook meals according to Serve Safe rules.

Programming Functions

  1. Supervise and monitor Elder’s whereabouts at all times.
  2. Redirect unsafe wandering into meaningful exercise & activity.
  3. Provide resources to stimulate & engage Elders in individual activities.
  4. Facilitate daily meetings with the Elders to plan and implement activities that address interests and needs of Elders.
  5. Engage Elders in “community” tasks as appropriate.
  6. Employ behavior management techniques as needed to modify difficult behavior.
  7. Validate, reassure & redirect Elders if distressed to insure comfort and well-being.
  8. Supervise and assist Elders with room upkeep, personal laundry and “community housekeeping”.
  9. Perform other functions as necessary and directed.

Safety and Sanitation

  1. Notify Supervisor and Administrator of any Elder leaving/missing from the facility.
  2. Watch for and report any change in room temperature, ventilation, lighting, etc.
  3. Keep floors dry. Resolve spills immediately.
  4. Report any violations of no-smoking policy and resolve immediately.
  5. Report all hazardous conditions and equipment to team leader.
  6. Follow established safety precautions in performing all duties.
  7. Report all safety violations.
  8. Redirect Elders from unsafe area.
  9. Before leaving work area, store all tools, equipment and supplies.
  10. Wash hands before and after Elder care.
  11. Clean, disinfect and return all Elder care equipment to its designated storage area after use.
  12. Perform housekeeping duties in Elder’s rooms.
  13. Report any communicable or infectious disease that you contact to the Nurse Supervisor.
  14. Implement routine Quality Assurance procedures as directed.

Equipment and Supply Functions

  1. Use only the equipment you have been trained to use.
  2. Operate all equipment in a safe manner.
  3. Use only the equipment and supplies necessary to do the job.
  4. Report defective equipment to Nurse Supervisor.
  5. Inform Supervisor of equipment and supply needs.

Wellness Plan Functions

  1. Participate in the development and implementation of Elder wellness plans.
  2. Report and record changes in Elder’s functioning and modify the Elder wellness plan as indicated.
  3. Develop informative, descriptive progress reports for each Elder as indicated.

Elder Rights

  1. Maintain the confidentiality of all Elder care information.
  2. Ensure that you treat all Elders fairly, and with kindness, dignity and respect.
  3. Ensure that all care is provided in privacy.
  4. Knock before entering an Elder’s room.
  5. Report all grievances and complaints made by the Elders and/or their family to the Nurse Supervisor.

Working Conditions

  1. Sits, stands, bends, lifts and moves intermittently during working hours.
  2. Is subject to frequent interruptions.
  3. Is involved with Elders, personnel, visitors, government agencies/personnel, etc., under all conditions and circumstances.
  4. Is subject to hostile and emotionally upset Elders, family members, personnel, and visitors.
  5. Communicates with other department personnel.
  6. Works beyond normal working hours, on weekends and holidays; and in other positions temporarily, when necessary.
  7. Attends and participates in continuing educational programs.
  8. Is subject to falls, burns from equipment, odors, etc., throughout the work day.
  9. Is subject to exposure to infectious waste, diseases, conditions, etc., including the AIDS and Hepatitis B viruses.


  1. Must possess, as a minimum, high school diploma or equivalency.

Specific Requirements

  1. Must be able to read, write, speak, and understand the English language.
  2. Must possess the ability to make independent decisions when circumstances warrant such action.
  3. Must possess the ability to deal tactfully with personnel; Elders, family members, visitors, government agencies/personnel, and the general public.
  4. Must be a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age.
  5. Must possess the ability and willingness to work harmoniously with professional and non-professional personnel.
  6. Must have patience, tact, a cheerful disposition and enthusiasm, as well as the willingness to handle difficult Elders.
  7. Must be willing to seek out new methods and principles and be willing to incorporate them into existing practices.
  8. Must be able to relate information concerning an Elder’s condition.

Physical & Sensory Requirements – With or Without the Aid of Mechanical Devices.

  1. Must be able to move intermittently throughout the work day.
  2. Must be able to speak and write the English language in an understandable manner.
  3. Must be able to cope with the mental and emotional stress of the position.
  4. Must be able to see and hear or use prosthetics that will enable these senses to function adequately to assure that the requirements of this position can be fully met.
  5. Must function independently and have flexibility, personal integrity, and the ability to work effectively with Elders, personnel, and support agencies.
  6. Must be in good general health and demonstrate emotional stability.
  7. Must be able to relate to and work with the ill, disabled, elderly, emotionally upset, and at times, hostile people within the facility.
  8. Must be able to lift, push, pull and move a minimum of 50 pounds. If ever out with back injury, when returning to work, wear a Back Belt while on duty.
  9. Must be able to assist in the evacuation of Elders.