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The need for meaning and fulfillment is, perhaps, the greatest need among Elders.

We firmly believe that it is our  obligation to, not only, care for the health and personal care needs of our Elders but equally important, it is our mission to make their lives meaningful and fulfilling.  We work tirelessly to nurture the human spirit and alleviate the plagues of loneliness, helplessness and boredom.

At each of our three Eden Alternative residences, we offer leisure activities tailored to the unique needs and preferences of each Eden family. A primary goal is to foster meaningful relationships and create a shared experience of joy.

Elders may assist with the care of our pets or may participate in helpful roles within the household. Some enjoy working in our gardens and others take pride in giving the blessing at meals.  These “family roles” provide purpose and alleviate the feelings of helplessness.

Our Enrichment Guides plan a daily calendar of activities focused on nurturing physical, social and spiritual well-being. Our chaplain offers 1:1 pastoral visits as well as worship services at the Homestead and Cottage Grove.

Engagement Calendars

Nancy’s House September 2023

Leo’s House September 2023

Billand Jude’s September 2023 (1)

Helene’s House September 2023

Nancy’s House October 2023