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Our organizational chart is a visible reminder that Rochester Presbyterian Home residences do not follow the typical, institutional model of care.

A Culture of Teamwork

We have dismissed the hierarchy in favor of a culture of teamwork where every employee has an equally important role in our mission.   Our organizational chart is a circle with our Elders in the center as a reminder that our focus, our mission, must always center around our Elders.

Our Care Team

Each employee plays a supportive role in our mission aspiring to give the best possible care and enabling a fulfilling way of life for our Elders.

We hire staff who are not just skilled, but intuitively compassionate and kind.

Each staff member receives extensive training in delivering our unique approach to care.  Employees learn about dementia and how best to care for those living with memory loss.  We engage staff members in Eden Alternative retreats to help staff understand our vision for Elder Care and to begin sharing the responsibility for assuring the highest quality of life for our Elders.

Family Care Guides

Guided by our Elders and their families, our Family Care Guides (nurse/care-managers) develop wellness plans for each Elder. They ensure that staff from all disciplines work together to nurture the resident’s mind, body, and spirit. They also provide medication management, health supervision,  advocacy, counseling, and support for Elders and their families.

Care Partners & Shahbazim

Our care partners or Shahbazim, partner with each Elder to accommodate all of his/her individual care needs while helping each resident to remain as independent as possible.

Enrichment Guides

The way of life within each Eden family reflects the Elder’s personalities and preferences. Our enrichment guides meet with the Elders to direct the activities and outings that are most enjoyed. We encourage Elder’s extended family to become involved in the life of each residence and we engage our 25 member Service Board and volunteers in planning many special events for our Elders. See our Activities monthly and special events calendars for examples.


Our chaplain offers persons of all faith pastoral counseling and opportunities for spiritual discussion and worship. We host Bible study, hymn singing as well as Sunday and mid-week ecumenical services. Rosary groups and Catholic Communion Services are also offered.

Leadership Guides

Executive Director
Nancy Smyth, (585) 235-9100, ext 102

Administrator Cottage Grove
Sherica Ross-Nickles, (585) 594-8720, ext 113

Administrator at The Homestead
Rebecca Pontera (585) 235-9100, ext 111

Administrator at Creekstone
Cathy Casey, (585) 223-0160, ext 400

Our 2020 Board of Trustees

  • Ann Still, President
  • Ron Norris, Vice President
  • Jason DeWitt, Secretary
  • Megan Burke, Treasurer
  • Diane Caselli
  • Barbara James
  • Ernest Krug
  • Andrew Lambrix
  • Brenden Mance
  • Edward Mauro
  • Elizabeth McDade
  • Marie McEneaney
  • Cam Mossgraber (Alternate)
  • Janet Schumacher
  • Jeff Steele
  • Keenan Steverson
  • Nancy  Smyth, Ex-Officio

Our 2020 Foundation Board of Directors

  • Diane Caselli, Chairperson
  • Gary Hugunine, Treasurer
  • Robert Brown, Secretary
  • Craig Houck, Assistant Secretary
  • James Memmott
  • David Still
  • Ann Still, Ex-Officio*
  • Megan Burke, Ex-Officio**

* President of the Home’s Board of Trustees
**Treasurer of the Home’s Board of Trustees