Part 5: Why RPH is truly unique

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The following informational blog series is presented by Nancy Smyth, CEO of the Rochester Presbyterian Home, a leading provider of Memory Care since 1992. Today, thousands of American families are living with and caring for loved ones with memory loss making it progressively more difficult to provide a safe and supportive living environment. The series will address this situation, explain potential alternatives for care and help guide caregivers to make informed decisions regarding the long-term care of their loved one. We hope you find this information helpful while providing peace-of mind.

Part 5: Why RPH is truly unique

The Rochester Presbyterian Home has been serving Elders since 1925. Our founders believed it was our mission to provide “a safe and happy haven for persons in their sunset years.”

Today, we continue that tradition as an Eden Alternative residence and have earned a reputation for excellence. The Eden Alternative was founded in 1991 by Dr. William Thomas. It is a philosophy that expands the definition of caring from treatment and empathy to helping another person grow. According to Dr. Thomas, we have an obligation to provide our residents with companionship, variety, spontaneity and opportunities to give care

We believe in the dignity and value of each individual and promote acceptance and respect for all people. Our residents are the elders in the RPH family. By virtue of their age and wisdom we look to them to help us define a lifestyle that is rewarding and a home that is truly their own.

As an Eden Alternative residence we are committed to building a “human habitat” that is full of life. Elders plant and tend our gardens and pursue meaningful roles. We have adopted several pets and we welcome school children, teens and college students. We encourage outreach to the neighborhood and involvement in the greater community so that our Elders sustain a vital civic role.

Our purpose is to reach each individual and assist him or her in leading a meaningful life with as much independence and freedom as possible. We believe it is our obligation to not only accommodate residents’ needs but also to nurture their spirits. We want the “sunset years” for our Elders to be happy, safe and fulfilling.

We are organized into Eden families made up of Elders and staff members. The purpose of these families is to bring decision making to the Elders and their primary care partners. We have found the more intimate “households” foster relationships between Elders and their caregivers ultimately enabling person-directed individualized care.

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