Happy Holidays

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At this joyous and spiritual time of the year, there are many folks who are struggling with memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s. In addition, their families and caregivers may also be challenged by what to do next to help and support the ones they love.

The Rochester Presbyterian Home has been serving elders since 1925. Our founders believed it was our mission to provide “a safe and happy haven for persons in their sunset years.” We believe in the dignity and value of each individual and promote acceptance and respect for all people.

Our purpose is to reach each individual and assist him or her in leading a meaningful life with as much independence and freedom as possible. We believe it is our obligation to not only accommodate residents’ needs but also to nurture their spirits. We want the “sunset years” for our Elders to be happy, safe and fulfilling. By virtue of their age and wisdom we look to them to help us define a lifestyle that is rewarding and a home that is truly their own.

On behalf of all the Elders we care for, our dedicated staff, our committed board members and our generous donors, I wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season.


Nancy Smyth, Executive Director