Part 2: Eligibility and Admission

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Part 2: Eligibility and Admission

Admission guidelines vary among assisted living providers based on the scope of services authorized by DOH. At the Rochester Presbyterian Home residences, we complete an in-person assessment to evaluate our ability to meet the needs of the individual.

Admission eligibility guidelines in the SNALR include:

  • Independent mobility
  • Independent transfer ability from the bed or chair to standing
  • Independent with feeding
  • Independent with toileting or cooperative with toileting assistance

Persons living with advanced dementia may need the additional assistance offered through our Enhanced Assisted Living license.

Admission eligibility guidelines in the SNALR/EALR include:

  • Ability to participate with transfer and mobility with assist of one and does not require a mechanical lift
  • Ability to eat with cues and assistance and does not pose a risk for choking or aspirating
  • In many circumstances, we are able to provide end of life care through hospice care provided collaboratively with a home care agency.

Understanding the Financial Policies and Practices in Elder Care:

Skilled nursing facilities may accept persons with limited financial resources if the person is eligible for Medicaid. Most, however, prefer a private pay commitment before spending down to Medicaid. Assisted living residences do not receive any Medicaid funding so payment is most often private pay or through long term care insurance coverage.

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